MAKE — PSP presents the Freitag 'Make a F-ake' workshop

At FREITAG, the reincarnation of used materials is called 'recontextualising', a modus operandi PractiseStudioPractise considers inseparable from the frequently argumentative conversation of ‘good design’. 

FREITAG have been stripping European freight trucks of their used tarpaulin skins since 1993. A brutifying process which results in utilitarian, one-off items that are superlative in both design and functionality.

It is with great pleasure, PractiseStudioPractise present FREITAG’s Melbourne ‘Make A F-ake Workshop.’ Visitors are invited to fabricate their own FREITAG F-ake and experience a simplified version of the production techniques exercised at the FREITAG F-actory in Noerd, Zurich.

A range of FREITAG bags will also be available for purchase at the workshop. 

Free event

Book a ticket and drop in any time during the workshop. The FREITAG F-ake fabrication will only take 10-15 minutes.